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Advantages of  Fintech Hub over other Financial Hubs in India

                                                                                                    Growth engine                                Robust infrastructure

                                           Fintech Hub is a                             -   Bengal is largest in India in                    -    Higher than national average
                                                                                            Power distribution and
                                           key initiative of                                availability                                     -    road density
                                                                                                                                                  Strong internet connectivity
                                           Government of                                -   1st state to deploy                                   using underground ducts

                                           West Bengal                                      government grade Blockchain                      -    Multi storeyed car parking
                                                                                            applications                                          facility of ~1600 cars
                                                                                        -   Subsidised land with mixed                       -    Recreational and cultural

                                                                                            usage permission                                      centres for a Happy City
                           The Bengal Advantage

                                                                                                  Strategic location                                 Rich talent pool

                                                                                        -    Fintech hub is within 10 kms                    -    Home to rich talent pool
                         Zero hour power outage                                              of International Airport                        -    World-class educational

                                                                                        -    Gateway to South-East Asia                           institutes such as
                                                                                             and North-East India                                 Presidency University, IIT,
                 Zero man day loss in last 10 years                                                                                               St Xaviers,  ISI in New
                                                                                        -    Well connected with the

                                                                                             booming hubs of Asia such                            Town and IIM, IIEST, JU
                       Very low attrition rate (3%)                                          as Bangladesh, Singapore,                            in close proximity.

                                                                                             Thailand , Malaysia, Taiwan.                    -    Over 800 PhDs per year.

                                         Fintech Hub is situated in New Town Kolkata – a greenfield smart city
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